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The most trusted bank
in Slovenia

And the most recommended, for the eighth year in a row, according to the independent survey "All Finance | Banks 2023".

Awards from 2016 to 2019Awards from 2020 to 2023
According to the independent survey "All Finance | Banks 2023" by Valicon.

Trusted bank

Why are we the right choice?

People trust us, and that’s the most important thing in finance. For you, this means the greatest sense of security and a wish fulfilled. At every milestone in life, when you need to dig deeper into your pocket to make a long-standing dream come true, we are with you. We help you build the life you want and how you want it. We are here for those who dare to dream of a better future.

The right choicePrava izbira

We make financial decisions easier.

Money management is a necessary and important part of life, but often so complicated that only those who deal with it every day can understand it. We will help you make better financial decisions. We will answer all your financial questions so that your future is safe and comfortable.

The most enjoyable user experience

We will always be by your side. Both with friendly consultants and with modern applications. Our goal is to create the most comfortable, easy and secure user experience for you, achieve the highest satisfaction rating and remain the most trusted bank in Slovenia.


Our Mission

Contribute to the well-being of this and future generations. Promote the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Slovenia. All this with a wide range of financial services and a sustainable business built on people.


Our Vision

To become the first choice for the general public and businesses regarding all financial needs of clients– as an independent, trusted Slovenian financial group with sustainable financing, innovative solutions and an extensive business network.


Our Values

We are people working for people. All our values are based on this: safety and responsibility, accessibility and friendliness, care for employees, sustainability, responsiveness and progress.